Fractals of Reality

🏵 “The Śrīcakra is the most elegant and complete representation of the complicated interplay of the gross and subtle factors that keep us bound in saṃsāra. The Śrīcakra is also the map to nirvāṇa. In addition to being a flawless map of the microcosm, the Śrīcakra is also an unparalleled representation of the macrocosm.”

🔱 “The Trikoṇa symbolizes the primordial triad of Śiva, Śakti and the relationship between them, which is the source of all the other triads in creation, moving from the gross to the subtle.”

🏵 “The Bindu IS the Śrīcakra and is presided by Parāpararahasya Yoginī. To move from the Trikoṇa to the Bindu, the triad needs to collapse. The fundamental perception that drives our existence must shift radically, after which nothing will ever be the same again, and the cycle of saṃsāra comes to an end.”

– Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan

🔱 it is an absolute joy to finally be able to hold in my hands a copy of FRACTALS OF REALITY: LIVING THE ŚRĪCAKRA, the magnificent fourth book authored by my beloved Guru, Kavitha Amma. 💛 Fractals of Reality is a book brimming with beauty and wisdom, masterfully woven and expertly written. it is a practical exploration of the esoteric Śrīcakra (or Śrīyantra) that is immediately applicable in the daily unfoldings of one’s life, “as the map of the microcosm that reflects the macrocosm”. in this, “all of life comes together in a cohesive whole”, with the separation between the mystical and the mundane collapsing into one. truly a gift to the world, and i am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to delve into this exquisite vidyā – the treasure of treasures. 💛

🏵 what is more, the book is replete with astounding illustrations created by the incredibly talented Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti (Rashmi Thirtha Sacred Arts Studio), who fleshes for us hypnotic visions of Devī and of the Yoginīs that will undoubtedly mesmer all who encounter them. 💛

🔱 available on amazon, you can order your own copy here:

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śrī mātre namaḥ! śrī gurubhyo namaḥ!


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