graduation blues

💜 with the graduation ceremony officially indefinitely postponed in the light of covid, here’s me recycling last year’s improvised photos!

📷: summer of 2020, graduating from my beloved university with a first class honours and with jolly gratitude. 🕊💓

💜 flash-forward to summer of 2021: leaving lancaster after three years of undergraduate study and one postgraduate degree, in which i profoundly grew as a writer & as a scholar 💓 i am humbled and grateful for the opportunities lancaster university has offered me in the timespan of these four years: opportunities to challenge myself, to question, to learn and to become more aware of myself and of the unfoldings of the world.

💜 i am so very honoured to have received the lancaster gold award for my extracurricular activities – i was involved in such fantastic projects, from unicef, nightline & precious plastic to writers’ society & flash journal, and it was a blessing to be part of such dynamic teams & initiatives, as well as to expand my creative horizons as a writer.

💜 finally, my deepest gratitude to my colleagues, teachers, friends, and fellow writers! {a big thank you especially to those who have listened to me go on & on about the Mahābhārata! 😹}

💜 MA-dissertation in-progress, and, onwards!

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