about: téa nicolae

 Devī-bhakta, Kṛṣṇa-bhakta, poetess, writer, scholar, Śiṣya.

i write devotional, confessional and occult poetry.
my research interests are:
non-dual philosophy, Śākta traditions, Kashmir Śaivism, Śaiva-Śākta Tantra, Mahābhārata, Indian literature and philosophy.

🌙 I wore myself out, looking for myself.
No one could have worked harder to break the code.
I lost myself in myself and found a wine cellar. Nectar, I tell you.
There were jars and jars, and no one to drink it. 🌙

🐬 song to make me still:
Lower your eyelids
over the water
Join the night
like the trees you lie under

How many crickets
how many waves
easy after easy
on the one-way shore

There are stars
from another view
and a moon
to draw the seaweed through 🌊