The heartfelt tale of Mīrābāī: poetry, subversion and unbridled devotion

🕊 Ankle Bells 🕊

🕊 Mīrā dances, how can her ankle bells not dance?
“Mīr is insane,” strangers say that. “The family’s ruined.”
Poison came to the door one day; she drank it and laughed.
I am at Harī’s feet; I give my Beloved body and soul.
A glimpse of the One is water: How thirsty I am for that! 🕊

🌺 Mīrā the Lotus 🌺

My One, the love that binds us cannot be broken.
It is hard as the diamond that shatters
the hammer that strikes it.
As polish goes into the gold, my heart
has gone into you.
As a lotus lives in its water, I am rooted in you.
Like the bird that gazes all night at the passing moon,
I have blinded myself in giving my eyes to your beauty.
She who offers herself completely asks only this:
That the One loves Mīrā as fully as the One is loved.

🌷 A Great Yogi 🌷

🌷 In my travels I spent time with a great yogi.

Once he said to me.

“Become so still you hear the blood flowing

through your veins.”

One night as I sat in quiet,

I seemed on the verge of entering a world inside so vast

I know it is the source of

all of

us. 🌷

~ poems written by Mīrābāī, mystic poet, bhakti saint and devotee of Krishna. 🦋 she is a great inspiration of mine! although she was married off to a prince at a very young age, she refused to become a homemaker and did not renounce her smouldering devotion to Krishna. she thus continued dancing ecstatically, singing in temples and openly conversing with sāddhus. her in-laws could not accept a woman so free, and tried to kill her repeatedly. they failed each time, and, in turn, Mīrā left and set out on a series of pilgrimages. she devoted her life to illumination and bhakti poetry, and it is said that she merged with the image of Ranchorji at the time of her death. 💙 may we all dance through life so freely 💙

photo of me from a soft day, in which i swayed in my white dress and read Mīrā until my eyes were wet with longing 🙂

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