Path to Devī: love letter to the beautiful women in my life

happy international women’s day! 🌹 may we fearlessly open to our inherent power (śakti) within. ♥️
taking this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the women who transformed my life.

dearest saṅgha, i am so grateful for your exquisite & luminous presence. thank you for loving me for who i am and for supporting me without coddling me. thank you for listening to me without judgment and for holding space for me to unravel. thank you for trusting me. thank you for teaching me what true feminism and true empowerment mean. even though you are miles away from me, i feel you so unimaginably close. i am immensely honoured to be walking this wondrous path with you holding my hand. i love you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

pranām to our beloved teacher, who gave us this marvellous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come together ❤️

śrī mātre namah ❤️🌺❤️

artwork credit: the very talented Anna Baartz!

from the future: Śabdācāra winter retreat, Barcelona, 2021.

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